Last weekend we had the pleasure of Sycamore Trust Autism Ambassadors, Robert Lamb and Alex Rowley, come and give us a very informative training workshop on Autism.

Unlike many other training courses we go on, we find the Sycamore Trust extremely valuable as the men doing the talks have autism themselves. This therefore is further eye-opening as we get to hear exactly what autism is like and what we can do to support those with autism, from people who have it themselves and have their own personal experiences of it.

They provided us with activities to do which get you in the mindset of someone with autism, which got us to realise and somewhat experience what it is like to have sensory overload, or unclear instructions.

The Sycamore Trust is a free service and has an Autism Hub in the liberty shopping centre in Romford. You can also go to their website to access resources and find out more about them and the work they do.

Another useful website which they also recommended to us was The National Autistic Society. Again this is another very helpful website which gives you lots of access to resources amongst many other things.

autism training sycamore trust