At Little Poppets, we are always striving to make our setting as eco-friendly as possible. We have recently listened to a variety of talks explaining how to be more eco-friendly, zero-waste and plastic free.

Firstly I will explain a few ways you can become more plastic free yourself, and then will go through some eco-friendly places to use which helps the environment.

Eco-Friendly at home

Wipes are always something we get through a lot of here at little poppets, so making our own wipes is something that not only reduces our plastic and non-degradable waste, but is also a lot cheaper and healthier on the skin due to the lack of chemicals. Here is a link to show how you can make your own wipes;  (any heavy duty kitchen rolls will work).

Whenever you go into a store, you will notice that the majority of fruits and veg are plastic wrapped – but don’t worry, there are many ways you can reduce your plastic when it comes to fruits and vegetables. The first, and most cost-effective way, is to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs either in your garden, or if you don’t have space, at an allotment. Although prices vary dependant on where you live, allotment plots are usually very cheap to buy. For instance, our allotment plot is only £30 per year. Considering how much fruit, veg and herbs we get out of it per year, it is extremely worthwhile. If you dont think you would have the time for growing your own, then another way you can reduce your plastic is by buying loose fruits and vegetables instead of pre-packaged. Simply purchase cotton or net produce bags online (can be found on ebay and amazon alongside other website) and use them for your fruit and veg next time you go shopping!

Re-usable coffee cups. Buy your own cheap reusable coffee cup and bring it to your local coffee shop whenever you next want a starbucks or costa. Unfortunately as we have recently found out, the ‘recyclable coffee cups’ these shops provide, can’t actually be recycled due to a plastic lining within the cup. Reusable cups can be purchased for as little as £1, and some shops even give you money off your hot drink should you bring your own cup – so what are you waiting for?!

Toothbrushes. In a family household you will get through a lot of toothbrushes in your lifetime (most dentists recommend you get a new toothbrush every 3months). A cheap and plastic free way to try out, is bamboo toothbrushes. These can be recycled once its time for the bin!

Straws. Many people, children especially will use straws for their drinks. Almost all straws available to us are made from plastic and therefore cause a lot of problems not only to the environment but sea life as well. There are many alternative options available such as reusable bamboo, metal and glass straws, along with many more. I myself have a pack of 4 reusable metal straws which comes with a straw cleaner and they work an absolute treat!

Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash. The last of which I’m going to advise you on before moving on to places you can use, is plastic free shampoos, conditioners, body washes etc. A very simple and easy way to get around this is to purchase bars instead of products in a plastic bottle. Lush is probably the most well-known store to supply these products which are very easy to use, and last a very long time (80-100 washes). They’re easy to use (simply lather the bar up in your hands) and will have you helping the planet one product at a time!

Eco-friendly companies to use

Lush-     Lush is well known for being against animal testing, have all their products vegetarian friendly, and the majority of their products vegan friendly. However there are probably a few things you didn’t know about them that can help you become more eco-friendly. One of the main things you probably didn’t know about them is the fact that they have their very own recycling plant. They use this to turn non-degradable materials either into tubs they can use for their products, or to create worktop surfaces etc. If you’re like me and have bought a few lush products – don’t trow the empty tubs and bottles away! If you take them back to the shop they will recycle it to make a brand new bottle or tub! Another thing about Lush that is always useful to remember, is to save up your bottle lids. Any of you who recycle would know that we’re meant to take the lids off of any cartons, juice or fizzy drink bottles etc before putting it in the recycling bin. So next time, instead of throwing away the lids, bring them to your local lush store where they can turn them into product pots or worktops!

The Nappy Lady-     Reusable nappies. As parents and childcare providers, you get through a lot of nappies a week, let alone a year that all goes straight to landfill. (A child will get through roughly 5000 nappies in their nappy-wearing lifetime — ONE CHILD!! Imagine how many that is in the UK that is going straight to landfill to pollute our earth!) Reusable nappies are a simple solution to this. For one, they don’t contain all the nasty chemicals that disposables do, they’re breathable, and provide extra cushioning for little ones which is great – especially when their beginning to toddle! We personally have used The Nappy Lady for all of our reusable’s, but with a simple google, you will find many other companies that offer reusable nappies too.

The Kind Store-     The Kind Store is an online shop provides many different vegan and eco-friendly products. All of their packaging is recyclable, AND 10% of any earnings go towards Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary!

Ethical Superstore-     Similar to The Kind Store, Ethical Superstore is another online shop that provides a variety of vegan and eco-friendly product. As well as this, all their packaging is recyclable.


Hopefully this has given you an insight into how you can become more eco-friendly in few simple changes. If you do have any other questions or queries, don’t hesitate to drop us an email on the Contact Us page.