As a vegan setting, we refrain from visiting farms as they support the meat egg and dairy trades, and many of their animals end up going for slaughter. Instead we visit animal sanctuaries where animals are taken in from various bad situations such as being rescued from slaughter, being taken out of abusive homes, animals that had been dumped and so on, and are taken care of at these sanctuaries for the rest of their lives.

Hopefield animal sanctuary is the one we visit most often due to it being our most local one in Brentwood. Other sanctuaries we visit are mainly based in Kent such as F.R.I.E.N.D, and our personal favourite, The Retreat.

During the last week of the summer holidays we all visited Hopefield animal sanctuary. The children enjoyed a nice little picnic and play in the playarea as well as looking at all the animals such as pigs, cows, raccoon dogs, cats, ferrets, foxes, horses, donkeys, tortoises, reptiles, owls and many more.

We really hope you enjoy the photos from that day.