One of our favourite visits from this year was to Lush in Romford. Lush is a cosmetics shop which sells vegan, eco-friendly products ranging from hair care, skin care, makeup to bath products. One of their most well-known products is the bath-bomb.

Lush luckily invited us to do a work-shop with them for the small price of £5 which included bathbomb making. During this workshop the staff not only showed all the children different products, but also spoke about how important recycling is with their brand and how they reuse old tubs and bottles from products that have been used, how they turn unusable old bottles and tubs into worktops, and how they collect bottle tops to turn into bottles and tubs to store their products in. After talking to us about their products whilst showing us a wide range of them, one of the incredible staff members at the store let each child make their own bath bomb to take home.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time here and will definitely be looking forward to taking part in another workshop in the future. Many thanks to the two staff who were with us throughout the workshop Mia and Sammi. You both did an amazing job interacting with the children and keeping their attention at an all time high.

Enjoy looking through the photos of our time at Lush;