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Do you offer settling in periods?

Yes through mutual arrangement.

Can we secure a place for our child early?

Yes many parents book and sign contracts in advance up to 6 months before start date.

What age do you take children?

From 3 months old.

Do you do an occasional day or two?

No. Many settings will offer this provision but we do not. We prefer to take children on who are here for at least 3-4 days although most are full-time. Our reason for this is that you child will settle well. We get to know them well, they get to know us well and parents feel happier with stable and secure relationships that don’t change frequently. The children also grow as an extended family.

Do they have a place for their own belongings?

Yes. They have their own locker, own bathroom drawer for toiletries and own embroidered towel.

What is the benefit of having mixed age groups?

Children receive a lot of benefit from being with a mixed age group rather than being separated into rooms (age appropriate). They learn a lot from each-other, older children are very supportive and encourage good behaviour, older children support younger children in play and being able-others. Separating children we feel is a detriment to their development and we feel it is important they grow as an extended family here.

I’m thinking of going vegan, where do I start?

Firstly I would start by watching Land Of Hope And Glory on YouTube, Cowspiracy + What the Health on Netflix. These documentaries are very informative and would solidify any views/thoughts you already have. If you are on Facebook, there are many vegan groups which you can join which are very informative and can help with anything you may need advice on. Alternatively if you have any questions or want more links to other information, send us an email from the contact us page and we will be more than willing to answer anything you want to know.

My child has special needs. Will your setting be able to facilitate them?

Yes. All three childminders at our setting are all SENCO accredited, and two of us are accredited in Makaton. Not only do we have the qualifications to look after SEND children, but Jasmine in particular has a lot of experience in caring for these children. Over the years we have adapted the setting by adding ramps in etc to better facilitate children with additional needs and we are always looking to better our setting in more ways. If there is something that needs adapting within our setting to suit your child’s needs we would be more than willing to re-look at it and do our best to make changes.

What kind of outings to you go on?

Holiday times are fun. Older children write their wish lists. We go on community trips, we visit important people in the community i.e. police, hygienist, dentist, transport depots such as the bus garage, have talks from Havering boroughs street cleaners, go to the Royal Mail sorting office etc. We have visits to castles, aquariums, animal sanctuaries, forests, parks, libraries, museums etc.

Do you attend groups?

We run our own group on a Monday morning at Collier Row children’s centre. We were able to secure their biggest room and garden space.  We provide many activities and have a dedicated circle time for the children.

Do you take children to nurseries or pre-schools?

No. Nurseries, preschools and childminders provide the same in implementing the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). We provide a learning rich environment and children have added benefits of our Monday dedicated group and being out and about learning within our community daily. Children also receive more attention than what they would receive in a nursery or pre-school because they take on large numbers of children.

Do you provide baby foods and baby milk?

Yes we provide WySoy baby formula and make our own organic baby foods. We have space to store mums breast milk if requested.

Will my child be getting enough protein and nutrients whilst on a vegan diet in your setting?

Yes. You get exactly the same, if not more, protein and nutrients from plant-based foods as you would from meat eggs and dairy, but without the hidden nasties such as cholesterol and carcinogens.