Exciting News!

This month we have teamed up with Emily Hyland from Om Nom Health to put together a brand new menu for the children. Emily is a qualified nutritionist and has helped put together some small baby/infant recipes, AND a guide including milk alternative options, breakfast, lunch, snacks AND a three week rolling menu.

Many of the parents we have coming through our doors, whether they be existing parents or ones looking to join, often have the concern that their child won’t be getting the correct nutrients etc that they need. As a setting, we know we fulfil all of a child’s dietary requirements with the food we provide. However to put parents minds at ease, we thought it would be a good idea to work alongside a qualified nutritionist so that there is that extra bit of certainty that will put parents minds to rest.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to how ‘good’ meat, eggs and dairy are for our health and these products often do more harm than good. There are also misconceptions with vegans not getting the protein, vitamins and nutrients that we need to fill our bodies, when in fact we often get everything we need and more – without all the hidden nasties.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily to come up with a healthy menu that all the children will be sure to enjoy and we will definitely be looking at working with her again in the future.

Click Here to visit the page with our wonderful menu’s!