Our Ethos

Why Vegan?

The setting is Vegan which promotes kind choices and kind living.  Caring about the happiness of all sentient beings including animals is very important to us. We can lead a very healthy lifestyle without the exploitation of animals where animals endure a life where they suffer and then are killed for us.  All beings feel and so wish to be happy and free from suffering.  There is no need for this exploitation.  Therefore we have many rescue animals at our setting and the children learn all about them.  We teach kind education where children learn to respect not harm.  The children learn a lot about their own health and the foods they eat.  The setting has its own allotment which children are very involved in.  They learn how to grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables and most importantly harvest them and use them.  The setting does not go to farms but supports many animal sanctuaries instead.

Why Eco-Friendly?

The setting is Eco-Friendly.  We have invested in re-usable nappies and wash them here.  We make our own baby wipes.  We use plant based essential oils from the leaders in essential oils doTerra and use them in the making of home-made products such as soap and cleaning products.  Therefore they are not just safe but most importantly they are non-toxic. We are getting away from plastic as much as possible by switching to wooden and material toys, metal water-bottles, wooden plates and bowls, and fabric bibs. We also have our own allotment plot which we rent yearly where the children learn to grow all their own herbs, fruit and veg which therefore reduces us buying from shops where non-recyclable plastic wrapping is used.

Natural Wellness

Jenny, our setting manager, is a DoTerra Wellness Advocate. She enjoys sharing how Essential Oils can benefit you and your family in a natural way. She often holds classes and personal wellness consultations to inform others on the best Essential Oils to use to benefit their needs.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is very important in attaining wellness, and this we often forget as we get caught up in the busyness of our everyday lives. Most of us have a busy lifestyle, and DoTerra Essential Oils are something that you will find you can rely upon to help maintain natural wellness which is paramount to healthy living. You can be confident in the products DoTerra produce, which are of the highest standard of quality and purity, and are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils (these are products you can’t find on the high street as those products may smell nice, but are of little therapeutic value).

Using oils daily will keep you naturally healthy and they can benefit your family in so many ways. This is why Jenny is passionate about sharing the oils and wants to share DoTerra’s vision in how they can be used as a self-care wellness alternative. DoTerra have people at the very heart, and they show this in many ways of how they really care about me, you and our wider community and world. If you would like to try a sample please let me know through the ‘Contact Us’ page and afterwards, if you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to attend a class where you can learn more about these Essential Oils and the many ways you can use them.